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 True stories and events from Sweden during the 50-ies and 60-ies.
"Knall i hatten": Look ! Is this my hat, says Bertil. It's not Mr. Hooters hat.
Suspected hat thief arrested by Stockholm police.
 Some good advice to make noisy children quiet and nice used in Sweden 50/60-ties.
This is the place for my noisy boys says Mr Tro (3 timmar så ärom som lamm).
Use a  Opel Caravan: Place the noisy boys in the boot, than close the doors. 

Even small children make to much noise sometimes, 

look how nice and quiet these two children "appears" after some hours in the car boot. 

This family are noisy all of them - time for "the boot" a few hours.
 Now, let's continue to look after Mr. Hooters hat that has been stolen from his car!
Some adjustment before we go...
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