Bromfiets, Brommers, Bakbrommers - Carrier, Fiets.Bromfiets, Brommers, Bakbrommers - Carrier, Fiets.
 VESTING Rijwielfabriek, Haarlem. ^ Bromfiets guide.  
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    [Collaboration Demm, Italy.]


Vesting Sport - Motor: HMW

Vesting Pesetta - Motor: HMW

Vesting Corsa - Motor: Demm

Vesting Cavalier - Motor: HMW

Vesting Galletti - Motor: Demm, HMW



Vesting Sport Bj.56

Motor: HMW




Vesting Pesetta Dubbelzit  Bj.56

Motor: HMW



Vesting Pesetta Dubbelzit Tour Bj.58

Motor: HMW




Vesting Corsa Bj.57

Motor: Demm




Vesting Cavalier Bj.57

Motor: HMW




  Vesting Galletti Bj.56

  Motor: Demm



Vesting Galletti Bj.57

Motor: HMW


 VESTING Sport.   1956  
         Sport 1956
 VESTING Pesetta.   1956, 1958.   [Back/to UK mo-ped guide.]  


Specially designed for passenger carrying, the fully sprung Dutch Vesting Pesetta has two separate, plastic

covered, foam-rubber seats and an auxiliary pair of, telescopic shock absorbers to support the weight of the

pillion passenger.

Frame is of spine type while pivoted and telescopic forks are used for rear and font springing respectively.

Engine is in Austrian H.M.W. 50 c.c. twostroke built in unit with a twistgrip-controlled two-speed gear box. The

driving chain is enclosed. Built on full-width hubs, the wheels are shod with 2.25 x 23in tyres.


93 9s

Stuart & Payne, Ltd., 4. Broad Street Place, London, E.C.2.

  Pesetta Dubbelzit 1956
  Pesetta Dubbelzit 1958
 VESTING Corsa.  1957  
     Corsa 1957
 VESTING Cavalier.    
 VESTING Galletti.   1956, 1957.  
         Galletti, Demm motor - 1956.
      Galletti, HMW motor - 1957.