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Ryś MR-1 Bj.59





 Artikel i Moped Bladet 9/1959.






RYS MR-1. + Specification.








  ŻAK MR2  






The ŻAK moped is a slightly modified and lighter version of the RYS moped. By applying a higher horsepower engine, forgoing protective sheet metal and applying lighter mud flaps, we have achieved better performance without sacrificing the benefits of good wheel suspension.


The ŻAK also differs from the RYS by the possibility of adjusting the seat height.





 1959   Ryś MR1, 2-gear engine. Engine - type SMO-1.  

















The RYS moped is the most popular and economical means of communication. Small footprint, reduced weight, great maneuverability - these are some of its appreciable advantages, especially in urban traffic. Being very economical and easy to park, the RYS moped is the ideal type of vehicle for going to work or school, for excursions and even for tourism.

The good suspension of the wheels makes it possible to roll even on bad wheels, and the large enveloping mudguards preserve splashes.

 1959   MR-1 RYS. Artikel i Moped Bladet 9/1959.

MR-1 RYS Polsk moped


DEN POLSKA MOTORINDUSTRIN är ganska ung. I början av femtitalet deltog några polska motorcyklar för första gången i Motorsexdagars - men de imponerade knappast. Sedan dess har det emellertid gått framåt för polackerna.

Numera tillverkar de robusta och pålitliga motorcyklar och har även börjat en egen mopedtillverkning.


Mopeden på bilden intill ger en tydlig illustration av vad man lyckats åstadkomma på mopedfronten. Maskinen kallas MR-1 "Rys" och har en tvåtakts motor på 49,8 cc. Borrning och slaglängd är 38 resp 44 mm och vid ett kompressionsförhållande av 6,5:1 ger motorn 1,6 hk vid 5 000 r/m.


I Polen har man tydligen ingen hastighetsbegränsning för mopeder eftersom man uppger topphastig het till 50 km/h.

Motorn är tvåväxlad och "Rys" har teleskopgaffel fram samt svänggaffel bak.

Däckdimensionen är 25x2,125 och tanken rymmer 5,75 liter.

Maskinens vikt är 52 kg.



 1959   The MR-1 "Rys" moped. Engine - type SMO-1.  





All those who want a small and economic, but at the same time smart vehicle ensuring riding comfort will find the

MR-1 "Rys" moped the embodiement of their dreams.

Special mention must be made of the following outstanding qualifies of the MR-1 "Rys":


Modern design resulting in a harmonious combination of technical properties and stylish looks. The considerable engine power and carefully chosen gearbox ratios make the moped the ideal vehicle both for town traffic and for touring. The original design of the sheet-metal engine shielding ensures good cooling and easy dismantling without the need to use fools.


Economic operation - small fuel consumption, making if possible to travel far of low cost. The servicing and lubrication of the moped are very simple. It is very easy to handle, so that every bicycle rider will learn in one day to ride the MR-1 "Rys" moped.



Luxurious and careful finish. All details of the moped are finished with scrupulous care and precision. The MR-1 "Rys" mopeds are produced in beautiful, vivid colours and have many chrome-plated ornaments.

White-wall fyres are the standard equipment of the moped.


Riding comfort. The telescopic front suspension with double, progressive action springs, the swinging rear fork with friction shock-absorber, as well as the comfortable saddle make it possible to ride without fatigue even on very bad roads. The deep-pressed mudguards provide full protection against mud, and since the moped is almost totally shielded if is easily kept clean. The speeds are changed by means of a twist grip operated by the same hand as the clutch lever, which ensures riding safety.






Engine - type SMO-1, single-cylinder, two-stroke, reverse scavenged, air cooled engine, bore - 38 mm, stroke - 44 mm, cubic capacity - 49.8 cm3, compression ratio 6.5 to 1, rated power 1.6 h. p. at 5000 rev/min

Clutch - twin-disc, with cork lining, working in oil bath

Gearbox - two-speed, housing forming whole with engine crankcase. Total ratios: 1st speed - 29.16 to 1. 2nd speed - 13.19 to 1

Electrical installation - ignition from 6 V, 16 W dynamo-magneto, spark plug M14 x 1.25 - 175 (equivalent to Bosch W175T1).

Carburettor - type G-12, Air cleaner - of the "wet" type, with starter obturator

Frame - tubular, open.

Suspension - front: telescopic fork, stroke 85 mm,

Suspension - rear: swinging fork with friction shock-absorber, stroke 80 mm

Tyres - 23" x 2.125", reinforced

Brakes - light alloy Brake drums (dia 97 mm)

Overall dimensions - length - 1850 mm, width - 660 mm - height - 1080 mm - Weight - 49.5 kg

Fuel - petrol-oil mixture, ratio 20 to 1

Capacity of fuel tank - 5.8 l

Fuel consumption - 1.8 / 100 km

Max. load - 120 kg

Max. speed - 55 km h

Note: Subject to alterations in design and finish.