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 KOSTERÖARNA.  Mest från Nordkoster.   [Back to Yesterday on Koster.]


The islands Syd and Nord Koster are situated on the northern west coast (Bohuslän) of Sweden, to the west of the small town Strömstad on the mainland. The connections between Koster the mainland is by ferry. On the islands you are not allowed to drive cars, so on Koster you find lots of mopeds! LOTS!








 KOSTERÖARNA.   Mest från Sydkoster.   [Back to Nowdays 2007.] 


Kosterhavets dag (12/5 2007)

The Municipality of Strömstad arranged a free ferry to Koster that day. We went "Kostertrain" (tractor with wagons) where Lena Linger guided, nice. Then knowledgeable Folke Larsson told about Koster's history at the Hometown Museum in Sibirien (Långagärde). After that it was time to photograph mopeds for me!