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 1977 - Brochure.

There are at least four important reasons for choosing a moped for the more simple types of transportation: 


1. Low costs It is fairly obvious that a transport moped is cheaper than the most economical lorry or van: Just look at the differences in purchase price - think of the savings they mean as regards capital and interest costs! Running costs show the same difference: No road tax, cheap third party insurance, lower garage and parking costs. And whereas the petrol consumption of a lorry or a van is more than 1 litre per Swedish mile, the moped is content with decilitres. (A transport moped can also be driven by a younger person.)


2. Flexibility in traffic A transport moped is often able to get to places where a lorry or a van cannot: through narrow passages right up to the door, in places where motor traffic is prohibited such as residential areas. And the moped is easy to park thanks to its flexibility.


3. Versatility Large companies and one-man companies, government offices and local government services - here you can find examples of how it has been possible to rationalize and reduce the cost of light transports with the help of transport vehicles from Monark-Crescent. Parcels etc. that have to be taken to the post office or the railway station is a common use to which a transport moped is put. The possibilities are, indeed, inexhaustible. Most companies have no difficulty in solving the most varied problems as regards light transports with the help of Monark Crescent's transport vehicles. Consider which model would best satisfy the needs of your company: The handy bicycle with both a front and a rear luggage carrier. The classical errand-boy's three-wheeler with a platform mounted between the front wheels. Or a robust transport moped with or without a trailer.


4. Concern for personnel Certain goods are really too heavy for a person to carry but, because a lorry or a van cannot be used for one or the other reason, they are carried in spite of this: Refuse collection in areas where motor traffic is prohibited, the transport of tools in parks are only two examples. These are tasks which, in the long run, endanger the health of those who carry them out. Completely unnecessary. A transport moped can be used in the majority of these cases, thus relieving personnel of all the carrying that is injurious to the health.


 CRESCENT 1189 / 1199.

Crescent 1189


 A three-wheeled transport moped, robust and durable, designed to suit most companies. The platform, which is 92x92 cm (loading area) with a raised edge of 7 cm, is mounted on a sturdy frame made of steel tubing.


Specifications for basic type

Tire size: 4 x 8" front, 20 x 2 1/2" rear. 

Brakes: Mechanical drum brakes: front 117 mm, rear 104 mm. 

Parking brake. 

Engine: Sachs 1 cylinder 2 stroke, fan-cooled. 

Cylinder volume: 47 cc.

Output: 1 hp. at 3600 r.p.m. 

Start: Pedal. 

Gearbox: 3-gear, hand-operated.

Carburettor: Bing 1/8.5-9.2. 

Lighting: front/vorn 6V 15/15W, rear 6V 3W

Fuel tank: 5 l.

Other data about the Crescent 1189

Length: 210 cm. Width: 96 cm. 

Height: 102 cm. 

Platform (exterior measurements): 96 x 95 cm. 

Loading capacity: 150 kg.

(There might be a minimum age under which the driver is not allowed to take the maximum load.)

Crescent 1199


A moped especially designed for refuse collection. It is based on the same basic construction as the Crescent 1189 and has a platform dimensioned in accordance with refuse sack standards. The platform holds at least six 160 litre refuse sacks and a holder for tools. It is also possible to couple a trailer to the moped. The Crescent refuse moped 1199 is ideal for areas where motor traffic is prohibited and for transporting refuse from refuse room to central refuse room or to a stationary compactor. With petrol the moped weighs about 75 kg.





Other data about the Crescent 1199: 

Length: 250 cm. Width: 101 cm. 

Height: 102 cm. 

Platform: 136 x 101 cm. 

Loading capacity: 150 kg. 

(There might be a minimum age under which the driver is not allowed to take the maximum load)



The 1977 models of Crescent 1189 and 1199 are fitted with two locks. 


 Monark-Crescent AB, Fordon, S-432 01 Varberg, Sweden.  


Here come the new telephones! The telephone company has found that the Crescent transport moped with a covered platform is the perfect answer when, for example, new residential areas are to be equipped with telephones.


Neither the weight of his equipment nor the length of his journey make it necessary for the chimney sweep to have a van or a lorry. With his transport moped from MCB he is able to move easily from job to job - without parking problems.

 Monark-Crescent AB, Fordon, S-432 01 Varberg, Sweden.  


Working space at Swedish Railways is often limited but the moped can be driven almost everywhere.



The window-cleaner's tools and equipment are difficult to carry but the transport moped's platform has lots of space for a ladder, cans of water and buckets etc.

 Monark-Crescent AB, Fordon, S-432 01 Varberg, Sweden.    


The rerouting of traffic during street repairs. A lot of things are needed in order to be able to warn drivers and guide them along the new route. This is when the transport moped from Monark-Crescent comes in handy. 


There was a football match here yesterday. So today, things are being tidied up outside the stadium. The refuse moped has an excellent holder for brooms and rakes. And on the platform with its high rail the full refuse sacks are in no danger of falling off.

 Monark-Crescent AB, Fordon, S-432 01 Varberg, Sweden.


Motor traffic is forbidden here in the park. Previously, parktenders were allowed to park in the street outside and carry gardening tools and refuse sacks from there into the park. But with the new refuse moped they can go to and from their place of work easily and without any delay. 


He is too young to drive a van. And the goods are too heavy to be carried. But no shop can afford to have a van and a driver in order to deliver goods. So the shop's customer service is saved, thanks to the transport moped. 

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