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Lyx original

Bröd. Nordin,





Johnson Sea-Horse Light Twin 1933



Outboard motors: Johnson.

 Bicycle brand has nothing in common with outboard motor.
 Johnson Outboard Motors. [Guide: Outboard motors & Bosch spark plugs.] 


900 Pershing Road, Waukegan, Ill. USA

Canadian Johnson Motor Co. Ltd., Peterboro, Canada



Division of Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC)

Waukegan, Illinois



Johnson models:

● 1933 Johnson Sea-Horse Light Twin.

● 1949 Johnson QD.

 1933 - Johnson Sea-Horse Light Twin
 THE HIT OF 1933

"It's one oft he greatest hits in outboard motoring!" That's what everybody said at the big New York Motor Boat Show where this brilliant SEA HORSE model was first shown.


It's the motor that made Johnson famous - vastly improved for 1933 with a new, speedier lower unit pressure-vacuum cooling system, Portage-Steering Handle and Taper-Tube Underwater Exhaust-in which the muffler and down tube are combined in one beautifully engineered unit.


It's a twin - with the smoothness that only a twin can give. And it's a SEA-HORSE for endurance! Its predecessors sold for $150 The 1933 model, with all its modern refinements, is priced at only $96.50, f. o. b. Waukegan. Ask your dealer for a trial and see why it is the hit of 1933!




900 Pershing Road, Waukegan, Ill. USA

Canadian Johnson Motor Co. Ltd., Peterboro, Canada




















NOW you start in "Neutral" at the dock. No scramble to cast off.

NOW you let Your motor warm up, if you wish neutral." No false starts.

NOW you back out of a slip by just flipping a shift lever to "Reverse."

NOW you head out by shifting to "Forward" - and you move at a crawl or go like a flash as you will.

NOW you plug your fuel supply into the motor from a separate tank-with 5-gallon capacity - and you run for hours. This tank,

the Mile-Master, complete with permanent 12-foot fuel line, fittings and fuel gauge, replaces the tank on the motor and eliminates that "extra can" you used to carry along.

NOW you have genuine portability in a 10.0 h.p.* motor (only 56 lbs.). You have the new "two-hand carry" - motor in one hand, fuel supply in the other.

NOW you troll with a 10 h.p.* motor. You have the advantage of flashing speed then you want it anal a crawl, when you need it-both in one motor.

NOW you get a brand of all-around performance that gives new life to any outboard hull. It's just DIFFERENT - as you'll see for

yourself the minute you drive the new Johnson QD.

See your Johnson Dealer. Look for his name under "Outboard Motors" in your classified phone book.



1000 Pershing Road, Waukegan, Illinois, USA

Johnson Motors of Canada, Peterboro, Canada