Aermacchi, Varese. 1960 Harley-Davidson bought 50% of Aermacchi, Italy ^ back to guida ciclomotori da Italia.  
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 Aeronautica Macchi SPA
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1978 Aermacchi is completely sold to the Cagiva-Group

2008 Harley-Davidson takes over MV Agusta Group (Cagiva) from Claudio Castiglioni.

2009 Harley-Davidson rejects the MV Agusta group, after just one year. Claudio Castiglioni and his son takes over again.




  Aermacchi 50 Zeffiretto




  New Harley-Davidson M-50  Bj.64



New Harley-Davidson M-50 Bj.65




 Harley-Davidson M-50 Bj.65



Harley-Davidson M-50 Bj.65




  Harley-Davidson Bj.68

  Mod. M-65 and M-65 Sport.


 1956   Aermacchi 50 Zeffiretto  
 1964   New HARLEY-DAVIDSON M-50 only $ 225 *  

Now, for what you probably have hidden in the cookie jar, you can have

the new Harley-Davidson M-50. It's the thriftiest, easiest to ride, most

comfortable, safest, lowest priced, quality-built machine on wheels. Most

of all, it's barrels of fun for anyone . . . and, it's a Harley-Davidson.

In any case, only Harley-Davidson has a model just right for you, from

this thrifty M-50 to the powerful 1200 c.c. Electra-Glide; nine great

new performers. Look for your Harley-Davidson dealer in the yellow

pages of your phone book. Swap your cookie jar for a barrel of fun.

Insurance easily available, ask your Harley-Davidson dealer for details.


Weight: 103 lbs. Suspension: Hydraulic, front and rear - Brakes: Full Hub

width, internal expanding Engine: 2-cycle Harley-Davidson

Transmission: 3-speed hand-shift Clutch: Multiple disc in oil

Mileage: 180 mpg Lighting: Front and rear.

*Suggested Retail F.O.B. Milwaukee




 1965   NEW HARLEY-DAVIDSON M-50....  

Has a natural instinct for fun:

Fun is born into M-50. Whether you're high-tailing it to the local drive-in

to soak-up the action, or neatly threading your way through traffic, you'll find

the M-50 has an uncanny knack for stirring up fun and excitement - over any

kind of road. Looking for kicks? Like to be scot-free? Want to come and go as

you please - without asking fore the "family wheel". Stop at your Harley-Davidson

dealer --- take a friend along - and ask for a "go" with the new M-50. More than

700 franchised dealers selling, serving and stocking genuine Harley-Davidson

parts throughout the U.S. Low-cost insurance easily available.



M 50, a new way to put fun in your freedom, naturally.


 Harley Davidson M50 Moped Brochure
 1968   Harley-Davidson M-65 and M-65 Sport.  

Cut from the world's fastest pattern.


M-65 and M-65 Sport - both plus-engineered with many of the

same performance features you find on full-size Harley-Davidson

motorcycles. You get an all-welded tubular frame, hydraulic

suspension, big brakes both front and rear, 3-speed Cascade

transmission, your choice of foot shift or hand shift on the M-65 Sport,

Dellorto carb, Pirelli tires, and a 2-cycle engine with real staying power.

M-65 and M-65 Sport. Two good reasons to visit the Harley-Davidson

dealer near you. Need another reason? Wait'll you see the prices.


Harley-Davidson priced to meet competition + enginered for it.


 1968 Ad Vintage Harley-Davidson M-65 Sport