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Aermacchi, Varese. ● 1960 Harley-Davidson bought 50% of Aermacchi, Italy.


Alpino Motor Scooter Co., 145 West 47th Street, New York 36, N.Y.


Crescent, Nymanbolagen A-B, Uppsala ● Sweden: A "few" mopeds imported to

                 USA. Lombard Governor Corp. Ashland / Mass. Boston.


DKW Hummel


Jawa Jawetta Czechoslovakia   


Montgomery Ward - RIVERSIDE.

sold imported mo-peds through their catalogs and stores.

Ca 1950-60 Motobecane (France) models AV78, AV88

Ca 1960 Scooters from Mitsubishi (Japan) and mopeds Bianchi (Italy).

Ca 1965, Benelli (Italy) = Riverside 150-D, Riverside 250-D. Motor Benelli 49cc.


Sears Roebuck & Co.

● Cushman (Cushman Motor Works, Inc. ● Lincoln 1., Nebraska.)

● Gileria

Puch Allstate (Steyr Daimler Puch of America Corporation Greenwich-Conn.) 

● Vespa



Ca 1965: Japan.



Yamaha, Newport 50, Campus 60.



Ca 1975-...


● Columbia Commuter

● J.C Penney. Puch based mopeds, Swinger and Pinto.

● Peugeot xx < Nothing US yet.

● Solo

● Tri-Rad  Mopeds Midwest (MM), 320 Main St, Ames Iowa.



Camel Vulcanizing Patches.

U.S.Royal Tires

Bike Comics


 1959   Saturday Evening Post   A few US outboard engines. 


D-A Speed Sport Oil - Racing

Regardless of what you DRIVE, RIDE or RACE...


D-A SPEED-SPORT OIL gives your air or water

cooled engine protection you can SEE and

HEAR! Whether you operate your engine in

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give you maximum film strength and stability

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It's time YOU found out what protection is

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"The Toughest Engine Oil in the World!"






A-Z. ● BOSCH spark plugs. Outboard motors.

Guide.: Toy boats & motors. ● Guide.: Fiske & Jakt. - Fishing & Hunting.

Norway.: Norskproduserte påhengsmotorer.

Outboard motor at Chevrolet Delray Coupe -54.  U.S.A.: Gasoline tank empty.


 1892  The Barker Moore & Mein, Medicine Co., Philadelphia PA  Barker's Komic Picture Souvenir Part 1. [Guide: Jul & Kort.]