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K. G. Pettersson, Ödeborg.









 Chevrolet Delray Coupe.



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Outboard motor at Chevrolet Delray Coupe -54. ● U.S.A.: Gasoline tank empty.


 1954   Chevrolet Delray Coupe.    [Guide: Fordon & Tillbehör.] 
  The new 1954 Chevrolet Delray Coupe With three great series Chevrolet offers the most beautiful choice of models to its field.

Four good reasons why new Chevrolet families are "having a wonderful time"...


That family up there has everything it takes to enjoy a wonderful vacation - a fine place to go and a fine new Chevrolet to get them there.

In fact, no other car fits so beautifully into all your family activities all the year round.


FIRST OF ALL, there's a lot of pride and pleasure for you in Chevrolet's lasting good looks. It's the only low-priced car, you know, with Body by Fisher. And that, you know, means smarter styling outside and in, and more solid quality through and through. You'll see it in the finer workmanship and materials, the greater comforts and conveniences. You'll even hear it when you slam the door.


THEN THAT FINE AND THRIFTY Chevrolet performance is always a special pleasure. Chevrolet's high-compression power - highest of any leading low priced car

-brings smoother, quicker response and important gasoline savings, too. Here's one car-that's really easy to handle and park on shopping trips, and that gives you solid and steady big-car comfort on vacation trips.


AND BEST OF ALL, MAYBE, is the eager, quiet, uncomplainig way your Chevrolet keeps on going wherever and whenever you want to go. You can count on it to start quickly ,roll run smoothly night or day, fair weather or foul. You won't find another car with such a great name for serving its owners reliably and economically over a long, long life span.


FOURTH BUT NOT LEAST, your Chevrolet dealer will be glad to show you how beautifully a new Chevrolet will fit your budget, too. For Chevrolet is priced below all other lines of cars . . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors Detroit 2, Michigan.





BRIGHT NEW IDEA IN INTERIORS The interior of the new Chevrolet Delray Club Coupe is

all vinyl, in colors that harmonise with the exterior finish. It's as practical as it is beautiful,

for the vinyl is easily washable and amazingly resistant to scuffing and wear.