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 FLANDRIA A. Clæys-Flandria GmbH, Zedelgem, Belgien.     ^ back to Belgium main.
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 Flandria - Superia, Belgium. - Avaros, Holland.
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Flandria test i

Teknik för Alla 17/53



Finesserna "gör"

Flandria Sport  Bj.53




Flandria Sport  Bj.54




Flandria Sirene Bj.56.

49 cc, 2 vitress



Flandria Sirene Bj.56 




Flandria Iris, test i

Teknik för Alla 20/59



Flandria Iris  Bj.60


UK  C02    
 1957   Moped Review The Motor Cycle, 15 November 1956.     [Moped Review 1956.] [Back/to UK mo-ped guide.]  

Economy Two-wheelers:

On this and Subsequent Pages are Reviewed all Pedal-assisted Machines Available in Britain.



On the rising tide of mopeds from the Continent comes the Claeys presenting a five model range of Belgian design and manufacture.

All are powered by a 49 c.c. Claeys two-stroke and the range extends from as unsprung single-gear model to a de luxe mount with fore and aft springing and pillion equipment.

Star of the quintet is the Flandria Superia, a scooterized two-speed moped with trailing link front and pivoted-fork rear springing and extensive shielding of the engine transmission and rear wheel; large, curved legshields are available at extra cost. A deep and comfortable dual-seat is fitted.

British prices and concessionaires will be announced later.

● Lectrix - 189 High Street, Orpington, Kent.


Majestic 1957

 Factory visit 1962. Une usine Belge ... qui s'est imposée sur le marché français


Flandria Parisienne-King Bj.63



Flandria Atlas Bj.63




Flandria Consul Bj.63



Flandria Record Bj.63



Flandria Majestic Bj.63 




Flandria Primus Bj.63 



Flandria Monidal - Amazon Bj.63



Flandria Caravelle Bj.63


    Techniche daten des motors. Ausführung der Flandra-mopeds (1963).   Champion  AC

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"Vintage mopeds from Flanders, Belgium."


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