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Yamaha ad in Playboy - 1966.


 1966  Ad USA - Yamaha.   [Back/to U.S.A.

Make like Columbus Sail away on a Yamaha Newport 50. There's nothing square about the new world of fun and adventure you'll

discover with your first ride. What great features! Step-thru frame, automatic clutch 3-speed gearbox, optional electric starter

and up to 200 miles. per gallon. Yet the Newport 50 costs only $219*.

And dozen the HOT one... the premier,. Twin Jet 100, with double everything.

It's got performance you'd expect from Yamaha, 250cc World Grand Prix Champions.

A dozen great models make Yamaha, with proven oil injection, the top selling 2-stroke in the U. S. Remember, if you can ride a

bicycle, you can ride a Yamaha. Stake your claim to one at your Yamaha dealer.

 Advertisment: Yamaha U.S.A. program 1966.



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