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Ducati Cucciolo T 50 1951

Motor: Cucciolo, 4-takt, 48cc




Ducati Cucciolo

Teknikens Värld Nr 9 - 1953




Ducati Cucciolo

Ekeberg, Oslo. 2011-05-05



Fullutrustat fordon från Norge.


 1951   DUCATI  CUCCIOLO T 50   [Champion tændrør (spark plug).]

CUCCIOLO motorizes your push bike, This little super-efficient 1 ½ HP dual-gear engine will take you anywhere, untiringly, in comfort.

CUCCIOLO is wonderfully light: 8 Kg. (17 1/2 lbs), just the weight of a parcel.

CUCCIOLO engine can be fitted without alteration to any type of Ladies or Gentlemen's bicycles. Fitting is at the bicycle bottom-bracket. Weight distribution is 55% on front wheel and 45% on back wheel.

CUCCIOLO is the most widely used bicycle engine in the world. Servicing facilities and spare parts are available in every country.

CUCCIOLO is a four-stroke engine: no oil has to be mixed with fuel. Lubrication of engine independent and fully automatic. No mixture being used, refueling is simple and speedy.

CUCCIOLO has chain transmission. The actual chain of the bicycle is used for the drive. This reduces wear on tires to a minimum, avoiding also broken wheel-spokes and twisting of frame.


CUCCIOLO incorporates a two-speed, pre-selection gear-box; the ratio enables to negotiate gradients at speed without the aid of the pedals. Efficient cooling is provided by a number of slots and fins where the airflow is maximum.

CUCCIOLO has a multiple metal-plate clutch working in oil bath: starting and halting are extremely smooth. The engine can be kept-on running while the bicycle is at a stop.

CUCCIOLO has greater power and is cheaper to run than any other two stroke engine of the same cylinder capacity.

CUCCIOLO is simple, strong and reliable. It is the perfect answer to the most exacting requirements.


Engine: Four-stroke, overhead valves Bore: 39 mm. Stroke: 40mm., Cylinder Capacity: 48 c.c. Compression ratio: 6,5. Cast-Iron cylinder. Three-ring aluminum piston, with oil-scraper ring. Cylinder can be inspected without disturbing ignition timing or valve-setting. Light-metal crank-case and sump. Ball and roller bearings

Normal rating of engine. 4.500 r.p.m.: Maximum rating: 5,500 r.p.m. Power 1 ½ HP.

Lubrication: Independent and fully automatic. Crank-case and sump contain 350/400 grams (13 1/2 oz.) of oil.

Ignition: Permanent-magnet four-pole flywheel. rotating at 1/1 ratio with the engine shaft.

Carburetor: Single-control Automatic.

Clutch: Metal friction-plates running in oil bath in crank-case.

Gears: Two speeds and neutral position. Ratio between low ell high gear 1/1,735. Gear pre-selector operated according to position of the bicycle Pedals. Gear change is actuated by a single action on the hard-clutch lever.

Power drive: Single chain from engine to back wheel sprocket. The actual chain of the bicycle is used.

Lighting system: Electric light is supplied by the magnetic fly-wheel. Raring is 6 V at 1 amp-., sufficient for head-lamp and rear-light.

Fuel consumption: About 100 kilometers = 1 liter of petrol, corresponding to about 275 miles per gallon. Oil is used at the rate of about 1/10th oz. per 100 kilometers. Minimum speed: 7 km. (14 1/4 m.p.h.) in high gear, and 4 km. (2 1/4 m.p.h.) in low gear.


Up-hill riding: Gradients up to 18% are negotiable, according to the bicycle back-sprocket ratio. Stepdown reduction between main and power-sprocket is 10,5 to 1.

Fuel-tank capacity: Two liters, corresponding to abort 3 1/2 pint.

Exhaust-pipe: low- pressure silencer.



 1953   Text, reklam i Teknikens Värld nr.9     -    Bild på motor från 1946.  

4-takt toppventil hjälpmotor för cykel 


CUCCIOLO*), SIATA, Torino, Italien.    *) Uttalas; Kútjålå 


Den LILLA motorn med de STORA fördelarna: Kedjedriven

Lätt manövrering från en enda spak     - Köres på vanlig, icke oljeblandad, bensin 

Förbrukar en liter per 100 km     - Ingen oljesotning av tändstiften 

Automatisk smörjning av motorn från oljesump      - Automatisk luftreglering

Omedelbar start, snabb acceleration, enastående backtagningsförmåga 

Alla rörliga delar i motorn på kul och rullager 

Stor stabilitet under åkning då motorn är placerad direkt under pedalhuset 

Ett kvartsekels erfarenhet från skilda marknader i världen 







DUCATI TG 4101 1946
Offert och upplysningar från LALATTA IMPORT-EXPORT AB. Vasagatan 22, Göteborg.
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