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Garelli Mosquito Meccanica Garelli S.p.A. Viale Matteotti 353, Sesto San Giovanni (Milano).

Later: Aggar S.r.L, Milano en Agrati-Garelli S.p.A, Gruppo Industriale, Como.



Mosquito 511 Bj.55



Mosquito 511 Bj.55




Mosquito 515 Bj.56

Mosquito Motors, Ltd., Moorfields, Liverpool, 2.

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 1955   GARELLI MOSQUITO 511 - Toscana.   [Guide: Fiske & Jakt.]
           Mosquito 511.
 1956   Mosquito 515   [Moped Review 1956.] [Back/to UK mo-ped guide.] 

Moped Review The Motor Cycle, 15 November 1956.

Economy Two-wheelers: On this and Subsequent Pages are Reviewed all Pedal-assisted Machines Available in Britain.



Long renowned for its powerful little cyclemotors, the Mosquito concern has recently entered the moped market with a cleanly

designed model designated 515. Fully sprung, the model bas leading-link front and pivoted rear forks.

A new 49 c.c. threes peed engine gear unit is fitted, with chain drive to the rear wheel. Frame is of pressed steel

and the main beam member incorporates the fuel tank.

Remaining Mosquito products are the two-stroke engines designed for attachment to the bottom bracket of standard bicycles.

The smallest is of 38 c.c. while a 49 c.c. unit is available with or without a centrifugal clutch. All have roller drive to the rear tyre.



38 c.c. unit, £31 10s

49 c.c. unit, £36 10s

49 c.c. Centrimatic unit, £39 10s

515 moped, 95


Mosquito Motors, Ltd., Moorfields, Liverpool, 2.



     Mosquito 515