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The H-sign was used when Sweden changed from right to left side "driving" (on the road). ---->
 Guide till bilder från marknader på Fridhem, Uddevalla. - dito från Backamo.    

Links to markets at Fridhem in Uddevalla and to Backamo lägerplats.


Uddevalla "town" at bicyles (Link to market at Backamo).


Apollo mopedscooter 2001-10-06


Danska mopeder på Fridhem 2004-04-17.


Mobylette Desir



Sachs (My Sachs).

Wooler 160 Special

Wooler 349 G Special.

Zündapp Standard.


     Hur man vinner på Lotto? Tips på bilden ovan.
 Fridhem Veteran Market.   WICI 1242 JLO-2 gear Bj.62   2000-10-30 [Back/to mopeden.] 
 På FRIDHEM i Uddevalla.   Sista marknaden på Fridhem i Uddevalla. 2008-04-18

Set the alarm clock at 04.00 - TOMORROW veteran-market in Uddevalla, one and a half hour drive from where Torbjörn

and I live (Strömstad in the north of Bohuslän, close to the border of Norway.).

If You have been on this homepage before, you know I'm a bit fanatic about 50 cc, so 50+ man has difficulty to fall asleep evening before tour!

Same feeling as a young boy at Christmas. What exacting thinks will I experience in Uddevalla tomorrow?!







As a collector of mopeds and moped literature (all marks) I found out after years just visiting markets (veteran fairs) - why not take

all the "stuff" you don't collect to the fair. This is how it works now days! 

Collecting mopeds Nymans Verkstäder (Crescent) is No 1, second is Norwegian Tempo - both marks used SACHS engines (98%) - so I'm a SACHS fan.

Imagine my eyes BIG when I saw the engine to above - Sachs engine no/yes - DKW and it's made by Zweirad Union AG!!! Always something

new to learn. (The hand 3-gear/pedalkickstart engine is in my possession now).

2008-04-19 ca 14.00

Below the star - "partner" Torbjörn. The RUSH of costumers is over, soon it's time to load the "stuff" on to the ISUZU - this

time Uddevalla Veteran-fair was very nice, sunshine, lots of "sellers" and many visitors.

Next journey Ekeberg, OSLO.


 Fridhem, Uddevalla. Lite lustigt med konstgräset....
 Motobi, typical Italian racing style (asked price both this mopeds ca 700 EUR), a Apollo skooter moped.      [Back/to Motobi.] [Back/to Apollo.] 
Motobi                                            Apollo
 Blomberg "happy" for the DKW - SACHS motor purchased.  "Monark" moped - TEMPUS.   [] [Back/to Tempus.] 
    Tempo / DBS                                                                                  Monark / Tempus





 Autopeder  Autoped Nossebro